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Welcome to my world!

My name is Anna Gechtman, I live and work in Israel.

I am a self-taught doll artist who loves to experiment with a variety of clays and materials.

I was born in Uzbekistan and one of my early childhood memories is "standing within a cold mountain river, rubbing the little stones to give them different shapes, imaging them as the accessories for my dolls which I made from green grass and flowers"… on summer days ,I really also liked to play and sculpt with mud by the river. I cherish these moments...

I always loved to create, and dolls represent for me something mysterious and fascinating – that true love for creation remained in me all along, and is still very much alive at the present. Moreover, I have to admit, it also helped me tremendously to overcome many difficult situations in life.


Through art the artist's inner world shines out, revealing all the emotions and love the artist devotes to his work. That’s how I feel when I sculpt dolls.

I create original, one of a kind (OOAK) artistic dolls, ball jointed dolls (BJD) from polymer clay, fantasy dolls and creatures.

At first, I sculpted fantasy dolls, then at a certain stage of my career I wished my dolls could move their joints so I could change their poses and accessories.  

About 10 years ago, I decided to try a new sculpting technique that would allow me to make ball jointed dolls. Since then I just cannot stop.

Life gives me endless inspiration to my work. I always try to give my dolls that unique look that will make them look like a real person.



My latest creations were branded under the name of Alaskabody-dolls© and DozDolls© (Daughters of Zion Dolls). "The Daughters of Zion" collection of original  ball jointed dolls, is an authentic collection which is dedicated to the women in the Bible.

I am very much fascinated by and highly admire some of the female personages from the Bible. I depict them, outlining how they looked like, what they wore, what they said and how their beauty has influenced the history of mankind. I give my dolls my own interpretations of Biblical personages when I create them.

Usually I sculpt a very limited edition for each type of doll throughout the year. I design and work on each and every doll, one at a time. It takes me about one to two month to complete a doll.

I can only be productive in my artistic creativity when I'm in a good mood :) I genuinely believe that the energy that emerges from the artist’s hands goes straight to the doll. It is amazing to see how a block of clay turns into (metamorphoses) into becomes a work of art – a doll with a very unique personality.

Each one of my works is signed and numbered, and includes a signed and personalized certificate of authenticity.


I am so grateful that my dolls reside in homes of collectors and fans throughout the world.

Never stop learning – is my motto, that’s why I always try new materials and techniques.


Love my work?

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Thank you!

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Beer-Yaaqov, Israel 

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